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Types Of Dental Negligence Claim

There are many different types of claim based in various areas of dentistry, some of which are quite straightforward and others are extremely complicated. I aim to guide you through your claim on a one to one basis from beginning to end.

Operative dentistry claims involve dental claims around filling of teeth; / periodontology which is the prevention and treatment of gum disease / endodontics which includes root canal treatment/ prosthodontics which is the replacement of teeth.

Before treating any dental patients, dentists should consider a number of factors in order to avoid a dental claim, such as :

  1. Whether the patient is a proper candidate for the treatment proposed.  Some patients teeth are thin and cannot take veneers for example, or sometimes a dental patient may not have enough jawbone to place a dental implant.  It is therefore important for the dentist to establish that the proposed dental treatment is suitable;

  2. The GDC have published guidance for dentists on advising patients of the risks and benefits of the proposed dental treatment;

  3. The dentist must have undertaken appropriate examinations to understand the cause of the dental problem in order to devise a solution;

  4. The dentists must have correctly identified the dental problem and should provide a written treatment plan with costings to the patient before any dental treatment starts;


The vast majority of restorative dentistry is provided in general dental practice.


Many dentists work for the National Health Service with some only working on a private basis or a combination.  There are also registered specialists in restorative dentistry. These include the high street specialist who could be a periodontist, endodontist or prosthodontist most of whom practice privately.


In the UK there are also hospital specialists in restorative dentistry who are consultants in restorative dentistry.


To become a specialist an appropriate period of  training must be undertaken. The General Dental Council holds the lists of all the specialists in dentistry in this country. 


Dental Care Professionals include dental nurses, dental therapists, hygienists and dental technicians - they are all important members of the dental team and all have a role in the provision of restorative dentistry for patients under the direction of a dentist.

Typical dental claims include:

  • Failing to diagnose periodontal disease

  • Failing to diagnose or treat gum disease or gingivitis

  • Negligent fillings

  • Negligent crowns

  • Negligent bridgework

  • Negligent veneers

  • Negligent orthodontic work

  • Negligent dental implants

  • Negligent tooth extractions

  • Negligent root canal fillings

  • Negligent tooth whitening

  • Tooth over-preparation causing sensitivity