Dental claim settlement – Failure to diagnose and treat gum disease

A great result today for a Southampton, based dental claim client. £7000 in compensation (out of court) for his dentist failing to diagnose and treat gum disease (periodontal disease).

My client attended the dentist (Dr W) on 51 separate occasions for dental treatment from 1987 until 2016. My client (Mr D) was just 34 years of age. Most of the dental appointments were limited to simple examinations with scaling and polishing being carried out from 2001 onwards.

A BPE (Basic Periodontal Examination) score was recorded by a new dentist at the practice in September 2016 of 444/444 and an immediate referral to a periodontal specialist was made. The periodontist diagnosed generalised early to moderate periodontal disease with some mobility and bone loss around the upper posterior teeth.

A letter of claim was written to the Defendants defence organisation and the allegations of negligence in the dental claim included:

  1. Failing to keep adequate dental records;

  2. Failure to screen the periodontal condition from 1987 to 2009;

  3. Failure to record or carry out any BPE scores from 1987 until 2009;

  4. Failure to diagnose gum disease until September 2016;

  5. Failure to inform the claimant about his gum disease;

  6. A lack of proper periodontal treatment - S&P was not adequate;

  7. Failed to offer any smoking cessation advice;

  8. Failed to provide any proper OHI;

  9. Failed to refer the claimant to a periodontist for further treatment;

A letter of response was received which denied all of the allegations of negligence. Settlement was negotiated with the defence organisation out of Court in the sum of £7000.


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Southampton, Hampshire, dental negligence claim

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