Dental claim settlement – Inferior Alveolar Nerve injury during wisdom tooth extraction

A great result today for a Lancashire based dental claim client. £5000 in settlement compensation for causing a nerve injury during a lower left wisdom tooth extraction.

My client underwent extraction of LL8 wisdom tooth back in December of 2014. At the appointment, the dentist failed to advise the claimant that extraction of the LL8 may be problematic due to the closeness of the inferior alveolar nerve.

The claimant was transferred to another dentist with a shorter waiting list but the information about the claimants nerve positioning was not passed on. The extraction of the LL8 was high risk.

During the procedure, the dental surgeon involved transected the inferior alveolar nerve leading to long term nerve problems.

Some of the allegations of dental negligence in the letter of claim included:

  1. Recommending extraction of LL8 in breach of the NICE guidelines

  2. Failed to offer alternative dental treatment such as a coronectomy

  3. Failed to pass on the necessary nerve positioning information to the second surgeon

  4. Transected the IAN during the procedure

  5. Failed to offer the claimant immediate exploration and/or repair of the nerve

Settlement was negotiated with the defence organisation out of Court.


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Blackpool Lancashire dental negligence claim

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