Stressed? Don't become a Solicitor...

The Lawgazette (24 April 2017) writes that one in four junior lawyers suffer from "severe" stress levels at work and that more than 90% said that they experience "some" stress.

I think that the legal profession as a whole is stressed but the survey that was undertaken suggests that more than a third of junior lawyers had made a mistake that would not have happened had they not been overworked. The Law society has now called on firms to provide better training and support to managers and trainees in order to reduce stress levels.

Being a litigation solicitor and a specialist in dental negligence claims is both rewarding and demanding at the same time, but it is crucial for lawyers to recognise their stress levels and ask for assistance if need be.

The writer is of the view that it is not just junior lawyers that suffer from stress (although being a junior or trainee is undoubtedly stressful) a careful watch should be kept on all members of staff for any tell tale signs.

#lawyersstress #dentallawstress

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