A Dental Endodontics Claim would include Root Canal Treatment, the removal of the nerve of the tooth, and the sealing of the tooth to prevent further infections with a material commonly used, known as “gutta percha”.

Root Canal Treatment

RCT is a treatment for the infection usually of the inside or for the infected pulp of a tooth.  The inside of the tooth or its roots are effectively taken away by the dentist and then filled with an inert substance to stop any further infection.

Some dental claims are started because the dentist has failed to take away all of the infection before sealing the tooth, some claims are started because the root canal filling is too short leading to infections and sometimes a claim involves allegations of root canal treatments being too long and perforating the tooth roots.

Root canal procedure: unhealthy or injured tooth, subsequent creation of an access cavity with a dental handpiece, cleaning & shaping the root canals with an endodontic file, and restoration with gutta-percha filling and a crown

By Original version by Jeremy Kemp; SVG conversion by Jellocube27. - Root Canal Illustration with Molars by Jeremy Kemp (2005-03-22) using Adobe Illustrator; converted to SVG by Jellocube27 (2007-01-07); based on information from illustrations at www.animated-teeth.com., CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1550875