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No Win No Fee Dental Claims

In order to bring you a top quality service when running your dental claim, nearly all of my clients sign a law society approved "Conditional Fee Agreement", (CFA) which effectively means that I are only entitled to be paid for my legal costs if we win your dental claim, as the court rules say that the loser  (or usually their insurance company) pay the winners costs.  Therefore if I take your dental claim on, and your claim is then lost, then I do not get paid.


By using my unique, no win- no fee scheme, your dental opponents costs will be covered in the event that your claim is lost, and therefore, you will have no costs to pay at all to anybody. If you do not win any compensation, then you will not pay a penny to anyone, and I will not charge you.  This is my guarantee!  I can also arrange for dental claim insurance to be put in place without the need for you to sign a consumer credit agreement or take out any loans.


After my assessment of your dental claim, if I think that your dental claim is not suitable for a CFA, then I can explain to you other funding options that may be available.


Will I Get 100% Of The Compensation I receive?


A: No.  The law has recently changed and Solicitors are now able to top up any shortfall in their costs by taking some of your damages.  I will take 25% of your damages to top up my costs.  You are guaranteed to keep at least 75% of your agreed damages. I am however willing to negotiate this percentage- contact me for a chat.


On 1st April 2013 the new requirements which apply to conditional fee agreements (“CFAs) came into force. Where the CFA and/or ATE policy was signed on or after that date, with a few exceptions, success fees and after event insurance premiums (“ATE”) will now be paid by the client, not the defendant dentist or their insurance company.

Read more information from the Law Society