A Dental Maxillo-facial surgery Claim would encompass any oral surgery, for example removing the remnants of broken teeth from the jawbone, or indeed teeth which are erupted, buried or impacted.  Many referrals are made to maxillo-facial surgeons for removal of wisdom teeth which are impacted close to the lingual nerve, due to the danger of damaging the nerve upon extraction of the wisdom teeth.  Maxillo-Facial surgeons (often called oral surgeons) also specialise in apicectomy, which is simply the removal of the apex of the tooth.  The apex is the very tip of the bottom of the tooth which is embedded into the jawbone.

Parasthesia Claims

Claims involving parasthesia are fairly common as there are a number of nerves that run very close to the bottom of teeth. One common dental claim involves lingual nerve parasthesia.  Often when teeth are removed, if the dentist is not careful, the roots of the teeth can crush or in some cases severe the nerves in the jaw leading to numbness and in some cases this is permanent.  The numbness can occur in the tongue, gums, chin, lips and parts of the face.  This is quite common.  


If after 6 months feeling has not returned to the patient, then it is arguable that the numbness is permanent.