Restorative dentistry claims includes such treatment as fillings, both tooth coloured and silver (amalgam), crowns, bridgework and veneers, implants and root canal therapy (RCT). Restorative dentistry in its broadest sense involves the restoration of oral and dental tissues for patients. When restorative dentistry is carried out properly, a dental patient can expect their treatment to last a number of years or sometime the rest of their life.  If the dentist has been negligent, some restored teeth can quickly fail causing pain and suffering and costing large amounts of money to put right.


A filling or restoration is used to restore the function of a tooth or to replace parts of missing tooth structure.  This is sometimes caused by caries or decay.  

Some dental claims start because the dentist has over-prepared the tooth causing it to become sensitive.  Some claims are started because the fillings are poorly placed leading to ledges and overhangs causing problems.