What will happen when I click on your questionnaire?

Once you have clicked on the "complete my questionnaire" button, a new page will open so that you can complete my online questionnaire.  Its fast and FREE with no obligation to carry on at all.  Above all, it will not cost you a penny to complete and there are no hidden charges. 

Once you have competed all of the questions on the questionnaire (just skip any questions that are not relevant or you do not know the answer to) and hit the submit button, this will send an email to me directly to say that you have completed the questionnaire. Nothing more.

Once I have been alerted by this automatic email, I will log into my system and look at the information that you have supplied on the questionnaire.

I will then decide from the information that you have given to me whether to take your claim on a no win no fee basis - if so, I will send you an email to let you know.  If I am of the view that you do not have a dental claim again I will just send you an email and let you know.-  Sometimes I may drop you an email or give you a call for further information as necessary -again this is all free of charge.

There- that was easy!  There you have it -in black and white -no catches and no obligation!  

Just a free assessment of your dental claim by a UK qualified specialist Solicitor.

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